Cable assembly consists of a DH40-27S connector and a 5000 mm (~16.4 ft.) tinned wire cable to mate to Xtium2 external connector J8.



  • DH40-27S(DH-27-CV2B) male connector on one cable side (matches DH60-27P female connector on frame grabber side) and IO open wires on another side.
  • Compatible with Teledyne DALSA Xtium/Xtium2/Xtium-CL series frame grabbers. eg Xtium-CL MX4(part #OR-Y4C0-XMX00) frame grabber.
  • Can Replace Teledyne DALSA I/O Cable (part #OR-YXCC-27BE2M0).

Dalsa Xtium Frame Grabber 27 pins Trigger Cable